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Amy B Steinberg

Santa Cruz,California 

I was born in Gulfport, MS and lived in the south until 2014 when I moved to Santa Cruz,CA. I have always loved everything art and feel really blessed to be creating art work full time here on the west coast. With the waters edge only a block away, finding inspiration within the waves, sunsets, and sea life is awesome!! Santa Cruz is totally full of unique artist and is such a laid back surf town with strong community.  The quiet of this coast was a bit of a culture shock at first. I have come to understand there is such a strong voice on this west coast that loves deeply both people AND planet.

Combining figurative work, Surrealism, and assemblage in artwork is how I love to spin mixed media into a visual language. Much of my work represents memories of people I connected with along path in the south, the place I called home for many years. Other pieces express my love of beach living, birds, and sea life. I LOVE collecting hardware from my adventures to add as 3D elements within my work. I do believe visual bridges can be built in place of earthly words that often get in the way. Currently, I am working on the voice of my work in hopes my storytelling becomes more clear. LOL....This will be a forever process and I will enjoy the journey. 


When you view my work, my hope is that you connect with these figures, southern stories, or even one of my quirky beach scenes. If my work pulls some heart strings or causes you to stop and ponder the what ifs and wonders, then I have achieved what my creative spirit has set out to do. Peace and love on path! 

P.S. There are 2 Amy Steinbergs in California that are artist/painters. :)

Please visit Amy's website at to check out her artwork<3

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